The Realtor Experience at Uttrly

The genesis of why and how Uttrly came to be began with an initial interaction with a high-performing realtor. While on site at a property about to go on the market, CEO and co-founder, Emmanuel Alegbeleye, saw how this busy realtor was spending their day waiting for different vendors, who were performing different trades, to arrive on site. Instead of spending their day performing income and business producing tasks, they were project managing various contractors.

At that moment, there was a problem to be solved.

The realtor experience at Uttrly is all about establishing a foundation of trust. As one unified team, Uttrly partners with realtors as an extension of their team and an integrated part of their process. While some realtors are stuck managing the day to day progress and punch list of properties going to market, Uttrly realtors are able to delegate these tasks to our team.

Through our technology driven realtor experience, our clients get back their time via daily and weekly updates on their client portal. Uttrly realtors are able to quickly access several projects happening at once from the convenience of their phone while they’re on the go!

Our team provides an extensive and vetted group of trade partners, who we refer to as our "UCrew". Our UCrew are are able to accomplish projects big and small and accommodate your timeline. Our project managers are the eyes and ears on the ground to ensure the highest quality work every step of the way, while also keeping projects on track and on budget. We believe in complete transparency and frequent communication from the moment you bring our team on board.

We make it Uttrly Simple to partner with us! Schedule a time today to meet with our team to get started!

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