From Project Kickoff to Off-boarding (and everything in between)

In our "Working with Uttrly” post we broke down the simple steps to go from inquiry to project kickoff. Now we’re taking you the rest of the way through, from kickoff to completion and off-boarding. Let’s jump in!

What Happens on Project Kickoff Day?

It’s day 1 of your project kickoff and there are several important things happening! On the morning of your project start date an Uttrly team member and a UCrew lead will meet with you on-site to review project expectations and logistics. We’ll review things such as the scope of work, daily start/stop time, entry points, parking and other administrative items.

From there our UCrew will begin thoroughly preparing the area(s) we’ll be working in to ensure everything is protected and clean. At this point, the UCrew installer has gotten the opportunity to put eyes on the task at hand and from there, will purchase the exact quantity of materials needed. For smaller projects - day-of purchases are typical. For larger projects, we normally purchase materials ahead of time.

Communication, Scheduled Quality Control and Invoicing

After our day 1 meet and greet and kickoff, all project communication and updates will move to your custom and interactive Quotient dashboard. Through Quotient you’re able to ask questions, request changes, and receive daily updates with photos from our team with the progress accomplished. When we’re nearing the end of your project, you’ll receive a heads up over Quotient as well.

Our team is typically on site between the hours of 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday, unless a different day and time range is specified for your particular project.

Throughout the duration of your project, our team completes scheduled and unscheduled quality control visits. Our scheduled visits are typically towards the end of a trade completing their work, while unscheduled visits are less formal and allow us to ensure that cleanliness standards, uniform use, and overall treatment of your home is up to our standard of excellence.

One of the things that our clients most enjoy about working with us is not having to coordinate several crews and timelines in the process of completing your renovation. Your quote is inclusive of all labor, materials, and project management and duration. After submitting your initial deposit to secure your project on our calendar, future invoicing occurs once a trade (such as electric, painting, etc) has completed their work. We refer to this as progress billing - which is just a fancy way of saying that we invoice you for work as it is completed. For clients concerned with cash flow, this allows for multiple partial payments throughout the timeline of your renovation instead of one full payment at the beginning or end of your project.

Walkthroughs and Off-boarding

A few days prior to completing your renovation, our team will reach out and offer you the option of scheduling a walkthrough with an Uttrly team member. During this time, the client and Uttrly team member will walk through the space(s) that work was completed in to confirm that the quality and expectations were met and answer any questions, as well as feedback you may have.

For clients uninterested or unable to schedule a walkthrough - communication and final progress photos will be sent through Quotient.

Once all work has been completed, your final invoice will be sent for payment and your renovation is complete!

The renovation & construction process needed a refresh — and we knew it had to be simple. Let us show you the Uttrly difference of one estimate, one invoice and one unified team.

For more information or to talk with an Uttrly team member, you can contact us at or 202.681.0825.

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